Beautiful Cambodia was one of the first overseas countries I ever visited. In fact, it has a lot to do with my love affair with travel – as soon as I arrived, I fell in love. I loved all the things to do in Cambodia: the amazing temples, the delicious food, and the friendly people. Since my first visit in 2010, I have returned twice more to stunning Cambodia.

It turns out that I am not alone in loving Cambodia. Many travellers I have spoken to rave about the country, not least because it is very affordable. Plus, there are so many things to do and enjoy.
Here are my top ten things to do in Cambodia.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

#1: Visit Angkor Wat
Of course. You can’t go to Cambodia without stopping by the world’s largest religious complex! Angkor Wat is huge, with so much to explore and discover. I recommend visiting at sunrise, when it is at its most beautiful and the crowds are at their smallest. It’s also worth getting a guide so you can understand the amazing history.

Ta Prohm in Cambodia

#2: Visit Ta Prohm and the Bayon
Angkor Wat is not the only famous temple in Cambodia. There are many others that are also beautiful and worth discovering. The two next most popular temples are the overgrown temple of Ta Prohm, and the Bayon with its many faces. Both are amazing, but do tend to get quite crowded in peak season.

#3: Sample some local delicacies
Cambodian food might not be very well known internationally, but it is delicious. My two favourite Khmer dishes are loklak (beef dipped in special Kampot pepper) and fish amok, a deliciously creamy curry. If you’re feeling even braver, head to ‘Sixty Street’ in Siem Reap and try some bugs!

#4: Pay your respects at the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng
With the beauty of Cambodia, it’s sometimes easy to forget the country’s difficult past. Yet, in the 1970s, Cambodians suffered greatly under the Khmer Rouge regime. Millions perished, meaning many Cambodians alive today lose close family members under the regime. Two of the most haunting places to reflect on this are at the Killing Fields and the former prison of Tuol Sleng.

#5: Spot Irawaddy dolphins in Kratie
Cambodia is home to a very unique and lovable type of dolphin: the Irawaddy Dolphin! These flat-nosed mammals live in a few parts of Cambodia, but one of the best places to spot them bobbing in and out of the water is in Kratie.

#6: Laze by the beach in Sihanoukville
One of the most popular places to visit in Cambodia is Sihanoukville, also known as ‘Snooky’. Located on the beach, there are several resorts as well as some great budget offerings. The beach is a great place to relax and swim, and at night there is great nightlife to enjoy too.

#7: Soak up the island life on Koh Rong
Sadly I have not yet made it to this paradise-sounding island, but I’ve read so many good things about it! Located off of the Cambodia mainland, it is apparently an island paradise where life is slow. The main thing to do on Koh Rong is to relax, meet other travellers, and perhaps play a game of frisbee!

#8: Visit the Landmine Museum
Most people who visit Siem Reap do so to visit the temples, but there’s more to it than that. Another moving place to visit in the Landmine Museum, where you can be guided by a victim of landmines. It is a humbling experience where you can learn about the terrible impact of landmines.

#9: Eat a deep fried tarantula
If the eating options at Siem Reap’s 60 Street didn’t scare you off, there’s an even more exciting thing to try in Cambodia: deep-fried tarantulas! Available from the town of Skuon, it’s not for the faint of heart, but makes for an awesome s

#10: Buy some souvenirs at a market
One of my favourite things to do in Cambodia is to shop at the markets! There are so many beautiful ones with amazing handicrafts and other souvenirs. My favourite is the night market in Siem Reap, although Phnom Penh’s Russian Market is good too. In Siem Reap, look out for the FRIENDS International stand, where you can pick up some beautiful gifts that support local projects.

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