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Hi there,

So, you want to know more about my affiliate links, huh? Good for you! I think it’s super important to be a savvy consumer so I totally understand. You’re probably wondering, how can I trust your recommendations if you’re getting paid? Wouldn’t you sell me snake oil if it funded some more wine for your trip?

Fair questions. I, too, get annoyed with the constant stream of random endorsements that appear on my Instagram feed, so I can understand. However, I do genuinely promise that I only recommend products that I personally use.

I also mark my affiliate links clearly with a ☁ symbol.

I started accepting and setting up affiliate links in December 2018. Full transparency – obviously, this is to make money. My dream is to make travel writing my career, and to do that I need to be afford to keep this blog up and running + put food on the table. Therefore, I am implementing monetisation strategies.

Quick note – if you are unsure what an affiliate link is, it simply means that when you click on an in-text link to something such as a hotel website, a cookie will tell that website that I’m the one who sent you. If you make a purchase from that website, I then get a small percentage of the sale. It doesn’t affect how much you pay – you pay the same, I just get a bit of a “finder’s fee”.

I’ve looked at several different strategies for monetising blogs, and affiliate links are one that has really stood out to me as a way to support this blog and also remain helpful and authentic. As of right now, I have only signed up to two affiliate link sites: HostelWorld, and HotelsCombined.

I can honestly say, hand over heart, that I have been using and recommending these services for years without receiving a single cent. (Full disclosure – I used to actually recommend Hostel Bookers, but they got bought out by Hostel World, so I moved over as well). If you scroll back through my o-o-o-l-d posts, before Journey with Georgie was even called Journey with Georgie, you’ll see me recommending these services.

I know that the internet is full of lots of dodgy sites recommending products that the authors have never tried just for $$. However, I truly believe that these sites do not last. I want to build Journey with Georgie up as a respected, appreciated resource for travellers, and a short term injection of cash to recommend you something crappy certainly isn’t going to help with that.

If you do want to make a booking based on my recommendations, I’d be super touched if you used my affiliate link so that you can directly support me. However, if you’d prefer not to use my affiliate link, you can always take note of the name of the site/hostel/hotel etc, and then search for it in a different browser, which means it won’t register under my affiliate link.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected], or leave me a comment below and I will reply publically.

Georgie 🙂

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